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tonuccidesign: about us

tonuccidesign operates in the field of design and furnishings and specialises in industrial projects, refurbishments, tailor-made furniture, artistic management and consulting services for companies in addition to creating special projects and events, fixtures and fittings for trade fairs and exhibitions at large.

tonuccidesign Studio was founded in 1970 when Enrico Tonucci began his design activity in collaboration with major Italian and foreign companies operating in the field of furnishings. He so matured a vast experience as a designer, but also over the years as a businessman thanks to the setting-up and follow-up of companies such as Triangolo (Triangle), Arte Cuoio (Leather Art) and Teatro delle Muse (Theater of Muses).

Since 2004 Viola Tonucci works with the studio and in 2012 becames a partner.
2006 saw the birth of Manifestodesign, a collection by tonuccidesign, that consisits in furniture, objects and furnishings for the home. The collection features natural and recyclable materials that respect man and the environment.

Download biographies: Enrico Tonucci - Viola Tonucci

Download our archive drafts: WOOD - LEATHER - GLASS - STONE